“Chorale-ing” – the inner illumination of a passage

June 13,2018

Transforming a passage into a chorale for harmonic clarity.

This is an excellent skill for the pianist to develop, though it depends on a well developed sense of harmony and the ability to recognize a chord in the piece even when all its notes are not sounding together.

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Playing in Extreme Speed

Play a passage slowly, then play it in extreme speed, and you will notice that the motions the body makes have changed.  Faced with speed, the body abandons the muscular coordination that worked in the slower tempo. Suddenly, almost instinctively, the body invokes or brings into play other group of muscles that it didn’t previously use.

To discover these alternative motions for speed, it is rarely of use to start practicing the passage slowly and gradually increase speed.  The body gives us little prior indication of what it will do in speed when we are playing more slowly.

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My friend Roy Doughty at Drake’s Bay

June 05,2018

I wanted to share this recent poem (and photos) from a friend of mine, poet Roy Doughty.

Fair Fortune #59
At Drake’s Bay
4 – 8 May 2018
Roy Dean Doughty

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