Solving technical hurdles in difficult passages

April 21,2018

Simplifying a Passage.

There is a general procedure for making difficult passages easier to play.  It involves altering the passage in particular ways, playing it first in that altered form, then immediately afterwards playing it in its notated form.

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Does a finger have to strike a key with a vertically downwards motion?

April 16,2018

As long as the finger’s motion has a “vertical component,” then almost any motion in any direction can serve to cause a note to sound.

In physics, lines of force are often called ‘vectors’.  A vector is represented as a line of a certain length and pointing in a certain direction.  The length of the line gives an indication of how strong the force is.  The direction of the line indicates the primary direction along which the force is acting.

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How to play 3 in one hand against 2 in the other

This is a brief technical manual for coping with the rhythmic situation known as “three against two.”  One encounters this situation when one hand is subdividing a pulse into three equal parts while the other hand is subdividing the same pulse into two equal parts.

I want to break the problem down into a short series of small, doable steps.

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