Advantages of hearing over seeing.

October 17,2018

The miracle of the octave, and the richness and variety of structure in music:

In the domain of colors, red is very close to violet in appearance.   Similarly, in the domain of sound, two notes that are exactly one octave apart bear resemble each other more closely that any other two distinct pitches.  The only interval that can sound more similar  is the perfect unison, when two strings, instruments or voices sound at the same pitch.

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Balancing your style of playing a piece between two opposite extremes

Stylistic Balance.

A pendulum swings back and forth.  The period of the swing sometimes takes years, sometimes months, sometimes days, sometimes just seconds.

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Brahms: large spans – small hand.

October 14,2018

Sometimes what appears to be a single technical difficulty located in a very specific place in the score, turns into, upon closer inspection, a series of  separate but sequential technical issues that happen to cascade by in a short  mount of time.   Somehow, we need to be able to separate one step  from another.

The situation is not unlike something that often happens to our moods.  We feel happy at one instant and then sad at the next.  This may distress us doubly because not only do we find ourselves sad, but because we have no  idea what caused such a sudden change from being happy.  Why this sort of  thing happens is often because between the happy state and the sad state there were, flying through our mind, a series of thoughts, each one  triggering an association with a thought, or memory, a bit more sad than  the last.  A second or two later, at the end of the train of thoughts, we feel  that our mood changed as rapidly as being at the high point on roller coaster, and then finding ourselves hurtling downwards in space.

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