A.B.’s Lesson 4/8/21

April 18,2021

A.B.’s lesson 4/8/21

Some comments on Bach’s Prelude in C Major from the Second Book of the Well-Tempered Klavier.

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Finger Evennes For A Younger Student In “Dr. Gradus… (Debussy)

April 16,2021

L.I’s LESSON ON 4/10/21

I don’t usually focus on the fingers in my approach to piano playing, except to use them naturally without tension.  I will focus on them today, but I hope the reader takes it in proportion with the importance of all the moving parts of the piano playing mechanism.

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How I Wish Note Reading Could Be Taught

April 10,2021

This morning, between 5 and 6 AM, I awoke from some pretty strong dreams, and just lay in bed, eyes open, but in a way, I was perhaps dreaming.  I was getting, unbidden, scattered visions of how to teach my eight year old student C.P. who is having prolonged difficulties learning to read music notation.

It is now evening and I present these incomplete and disordered recollections of what came to me earlier in the day.  The basic premise is that I imagined a video animation.  During it, one sees a changing tapestry made up of the primitive ‘shapes’ that go into the making of standard music notation.

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