Legato – the second half of notes

May 08,2021

The piano is technically unable to link notes in a legato manner because a note is at its softest at the end of its career, and the succeeding note is at its loudest at the beginning of its career. Yet we can easily tell when a pianist is playing legato. So that the note seems to sustain throughout its duration and the next note doesn’t suddenly start with a ‘bang’.  What can the pianist do to try to transcend the factual limitations in the piano’s sound?

In essence, if the note is growing softer and softer after the attack, some compensating factor or factors have to offset the acoustically predestined decrescendo in loudness.  This compensating factor must grow louder and louder in proportion to how the notes grow softer and softer.

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B.M.’s lesson

Category: Beginners

B.M.’s lesson around 5/1/21

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Brahms: Op 117 / 3: in C# Minor

May 02,2021

When the right hand or left hand has the main theme in octaves.


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