A faster way to progress when learning a piece

October 22,2019

R.M.’s second lesson on the “Black Key” etude.

When you first read the notes of a new piece, don’t take any notes for “granted”. Don’t make assumptions about that note’s relationship with the note before it. Don’t look for patterns, especially ones that you may then be tempted to think repeat, when often in fact they don’t.

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Evening out the touch among the various fingers of the same hand

October 13,2019

At the heart of Western music in particular there lies a curiously tight bond between two things that might at first seem separable: pitches and rhythm.

There are times when it is useful in our playing to not take this forced wedding for granted. That in spite of the strength of the bond between the  two of them, there is a momentary advantage in performance to project the rhythm so that it shines through the notes, almost in spite of the notes, and there are times to coax the rhythm into the background so that it does not distract from the order of the pitches.

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Tonal balance in chords

October 12,2019

What ways are there to determine whether the notes of a chord you just played were balanced with each other.


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