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Imagine what would happen if you recorded thousands of hours of lessons over nearly a decade, and then edited the best, most teachable moments into an every-growing collection of short, high impact videos.

Well, that’s exactly what the The Video Collection is, and I’m happy to share it with you. No matter how long you’ve played, what skills you’re working to improve, or your areas of interest, the Video Collection has videos to help you move your playing forward.

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Grouping Notes

“Grouping” of notes, need not correspond with the beginning and end of a measure. In this lesson, the student imagines a grouping that allows her hand to always begin on the same note, which makes the passage easier.



Flexible 2nd Finger

The 2nd finger is the pivot note: allow your 2nd finger to be flexible but anchored on that middle note in a wide melodic interval. 2nd finger wants to stay on the note. Flexible 2nd finger.





External Force

Figure out a strategy for reaching a certain interval. Don’t reach top note until you are firmly in position on the middle note. An external force. Imagine the force comes from outside your body. Let one hand help the other. Talks about philosophy and Artistotle. God from the machine–deus ex machina—force that comes in from the outside.


An External Force

Model of the Sound

Keep one image in your mind: a direction, or a simple harmonic rhythm, or many notes which are compressed into simple chords. The details of the music fall into a broader pattern of sounds. This “larger image” is the “model of the sound”.

Find the Balance Point

Even if the student doesn’t understand…. (is this part good? okay what Ellen says?) she plays the 2nd movement. Joe says you’ve come a long way. ‘wherever I am, I feel the balance” keep readjusting the balance, fulcrum is steady.





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