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The “Protean” Hand

February 24, 2017

Originally published on Facebook 2/12/16

Where is your right hand right now? Is it on your lap, is it resting on a table, is it engaged in scratching an itch on your face?

  1. How did it get to where you find it? how, why or when did it get to the place where it is?
  2. How did it get into the shape that, like a sculptor modeling a piece of clay, is suddenly in a certain three dimensional form.
  3. How far did it have to move from where it was before?
  4. Where was it before now?

The answer to each of these questions is: “I don’t really know”. It was largely an unconscious process.

This time consciously move your hand into a new place and position. Be aware of as many of the possible components which could subdivide this action. Try to be aware of every moment in the process of motion.

You just made the task of the hand much harder. Suddenly there are a multitude of details you have to concern yourself with.


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