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The Shape of the Hand As A Whole. As a three dimensional form.

Originally Published on Facebook, on 2/2/16

What then is the ‘object’ we take in our hand when I play one note, several notes: the object that plays the same role as the glass did in the blog entry on the “Protean Hand” (also originally posted on Facebook, on 2/2/16).

When I play a single note on the piano, using a specific finger, what is the rest of the hand doing? This is another question whose proper answer is “I don’t know”. Yet if I take a picture of the hand at that moment, there is a single, coherent shape to the entire hand, which includes as just part of it, the position of the one finger that ‘played’ the note. But the other fingers are part of this overall shape, and are not randomly arranged, but are somehow part of a shape for the entire hand that makes it most natural to play the one note.

Having nothing to do with the fact that I am causing a note to sound, is the shape of the hand, which in its wholeness, may have been worthy of having been photographed or created by a sculptor.


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