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What To Expect

  • A teacher with copious experience
  • Sensitive to individual student needs
  • As comfortable teaching youngsters as preparing older students for Music Conservatory auditions, competitions, recitals and concert careers.
  • Joe has a large group of adult students (on all levels from beginners to concert artists!)

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What Students Say About Piano Lessons with Joe

“A truly cultured and sensitive artist” – Henryk Szeryng (violin virtuoso)

“One of the most sensitive, accomplished and musical artists I’ve ever worked with” – Erick Friedman (violinist)

“Each lesson with Joe is wholly unique – his teaching combines an amazing  capacity for empathy with an irresistible urge for innovation. The depth of his teaching is tremendous. I often find that I have grown in unexpected ways from a past lesson or find myself referring to old advice which has grown in meaning and become applicable to new musical challenges.  Joe has inspired me to trust myself and to teach myself, nudging me past the hurdle of a student’s mentality. He has helped me to find myself as a  musician and it is largely thanks to him that I now have the confidence to pursue a career as a professional pianist.”  –Allegra Chapman

“I am an adult piano student who has taking lessons with Joe for over five years.  He is the best music teacher I have ever had.  He is a patient and compassionate.  … His evocative use of language and use of  analogy helps a student reach a deeper and more complex enjoyment of the music.    He sometimes has used unique methods which unfailingly have helped me tremendously.” -Dr. Daryn Sperling

“Joe has taught music theory and piano to my daughter since she was eight-years old.  With great skill, infinite patience, and generous emotional support, Joe has developed the skills of a reticent beginner into that of  a blossoming Musician.”

“Joe Bloom’s quality teaching has been a tremendous gift in my daughter’s life.  His kindness and care for his students, mastery of music, and vast knowledge of the history, culture, and science of music combine to make his classes not just piano lessons, but lessons in life.  I recommend Joe as a teacher without hesitation and with great enthusiasm.”

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