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Practice Procedures: Part 7: “Brushing” The Fingers Back Along the Keys

April 12, 2017

Tension tends to creep into our physical playing mechanism when we do the same movement, for the same purpose, over and over again.  Once tension has accrued, there is a benefit from using some strikingly different type(s) of motion to break the hold that the chronic motions have on you.   Afterwards one can resume one’s wonted movements, but without the tension.

For the “Brushing Back Technique”,  curl the fingers, even so far as to put the finger tips under the palm.  Now reverse the action and un-flex the fingers until they are straight and not curled.  Do this while the finger tips are lightly in contact with the longitude of the keys.*   The action being performed in going from curled to straight is almost like taking a feather duster and lightly sweeping the keys, from key lip to the fall board, as if to remove dust from the key.

  • By the longitude of the key I mean the longest axis along the physical key, from the lip of the key to where it disappears under the fall board.  In contrast with the left-right width of the key is much smaller.  

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