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Practice Procedures – part 5:  ‘Blob’ And Deflect                   

March 30, 2017

A strong force initially applied in one direction can be deflected into another direction.   For instance the downward force which benefits from the force of gravity can be deflected, without loosing momentum to a force to the right.  To initiate a rightwards force from an initial location on the keyboard will inherently be weaker and less productive than a rightwards motion that comes as a prolongation of a stronger downward force.

In the case just given, a strong motion downwards takes place towards the keyboard by the arms.  When the hand is about to make contact with the keys, or when the hand has just barely made contact with the keys, the motion can be deflected to the right.  This way the original momentum and impetus of the force is not broken or diminished in any way and continues unabated into the lateral motion.


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