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Practice Procedures – part 4:  Blobbing’ Down

March 30, 2017

I use the term ‘blob down’ to mean that the body causes the palms of the hand to lower onto the keyboard and spread out like a liquid to cover as much area on the keyboard as possible.  I borrow the term ‘blob’ from the cult science fiction movie of the same name (“The Blob”).

As in the movie the blob, the motion of spreading over the surface of the keys is indiscriminate: there is attempt for any one part of the hand to on or near any particular note.  The hand simply spreads, from region to region on the keyboard, and “engulfs” whatever it encounters.

The usefulness of this analogy is that, before we can take specific actions to activate specific keys, there has to a general, preliminary state of the hands simply coming into general contact with the keys.  If we start with the more specific actions we loose the more fundamental action of contact between pianist and keyboard.


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