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Practice Procedures: Part 13: LIST OF ALL Practice Procedures Posted as of 3/31/1

March 31, 2017

Practice Procedures: Part 12: Using the Hand as a Door with a Hinge:     Opening and Closing the Door

Practice Procedures: Part 11: Keeping the Hand in Balance: Anchoring One Finger with Another:

Practice Procedures: Part 10: The Aesthetic Quality of a Chord By Itself Versus When Followed by Another Chord.

Practice Procedures: Part 9: Hearing and Bringing Out An Inner Voice

Practice Procedures: Part 8: Tracking Consonance and Dissonance From Moment to Moment

Practice Procedures: Part 7: “Brushing Back” The Fingers Along The Keys

“Practice Procedures – part 6:  Rolling a Ball Along the Keyboard

Practice Procedures – part 5: ‘Blob’ And Deflect

Practice Procedures – part 4: “Blobbing” Down On The Keyboard

Practice Procedures – part 3:  Bouncing Ball Technique

Practice Procedures – part 2: Absolute Left and Absolute Right (Versus Relative Left and Right)

Practice Procedures –  part 1: General Introduction


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