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Practice Procedures – part 1: Introduction

March 30, 2017


I have developed many practice procedures over the years.  In fact, at least a hundred of them.  The test of the usefulness of any practice procedure is that it brings about a rapid and noticeable improvement in the sound of the passage to which it is applied.   It eschews procedures that require the student to “go home” and practice something over and over in order to achieve the promised improvement.

I have found that there is always a solution that causes immediate improvement.  As pianists we  must trust that such a solution exists to any problem, and that, with some training, we can find it for ourselves.


Until that point is reached, it will instructive for me to say a few sentences about each practice procedure.  I will give a name to each, a name that hopefully is evocative of the details of the procedure.

So today I begin a project to write a description of each practice procedure.  As a first step, I am writing just a few sentences, sometimes more, about each procedure, to give a preliminary sense of its nature and what it entails.   Stay tuned for the first one.


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