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March 17, 2017

Second Experiment continued:

Some ways to introducing variations in the basic pattern.


During a series of eight or more Middle-C-s change which finger is on top of which, the goal being no change whatsoever in the quality or intensity or resonance of the sounds, or in the feeling of the muscles in the body.  We are trying to prolong and extend a certain sensation and sound through an increasing set of changes.  But  inertia* should always win out.  We insist on never loosing the original sound and feeling.  If we do, we stop right away, and go back one or more steps.  This will apply to each change we make in what we are playing.  If we loose the prolongation of the quality of the sound and the feeling in our body, we stop, and we go back as many steps in the process, as is required to create a return to the original body/ear state.

*inertia: not in the sense of lack of activity or energy but in the sense that once a body is in motion it will continue in that motion unless otherwise impacted.


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