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March 17, 2017

Second Experiment continued:

Some ways to introducing variations in the basic pattern.  Part two.


During a series of Middle-C-s we randomly (or better put: without any anticipation that we are doing so) we separate the two second fingers, just far enough apart, that  only one is in touch with the sounding key.

Over many iterations, the percentage of notes played with the conjoint hands gradually diminishes and the percentage of notes played with either one hand or the other correspondingly increases.  As in all the above cases, and all the cases to come, the basic goal of the exercise is that there should be no noticeable change in sound or in body sensation.  Another way of saying this is that union of the two arms is the fixed, normative state.  When one finger plays it still feels like both fingers are playing.  One may call this an ‘illusion’ but it an illusion with great effect, able to transform our way of playing the piano.

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