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Playing Without Any Pain Or Discomfort: part five

November 8, 2017

Second Experiment continued (see part 4 published on 2/16/2017)


Similar in some ways to 2B, but this time when one finger only plays Middle-C, the other finger moves to an adjacent note and sounds that note at the same time. As always, the goal is to have the feeling that there is one unified action, one unified sound, without internal differentiations.

When it happens that (on a secondary level) the two second fingers separate, think of the famous scene in E.T. where the two species reach out to touch fingers. Or picture a “Jacobs Ladder”, which, as the wires diverge, the current still passes between them. The electrical connection is not lost. This requires imagination reinforced by a keen ear and a keen sense of subtle changes or similarities in the body’s internal, kinesthetic state. Whatever the quality if of this inner state, it prevails unaltered, in spite of any peripheral change in the fingers and the hands.


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