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Pain in the Thumb. Solution Two: Tug of War.

January 26, 2018

Example: Right Hand playing a C Major Scale Upwards.

My third finger is on an E and I am about to play the adjacent F with the thumb.  Imagine a tug of war with the two sides, initially, pulling with the same strength.

On the right side of this tug of war is the entire arm, wrist and hand, which pulls to the right.  On the other side it is just the third finger alone, on the E, resisting, with equal force, this tug to the right.

At first no one ‘wins’.  Each ‘team’ escalates how hard they are pulling, but the increments are done at the same time in each ‘team’ and in equal degrees, so that no movement occurs.  This process continues until the finger can exert no more force to resist the more powerful rightward pull of the arm.  As the third finger suddenly lets go of the E key, and the arm and hand, including the thumb, lurches to the right, with great stored up power, and the thumb travels to the F so quickly that it is almost with conscious duration.

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