News: We are seeking a Project Director

Job Description:

The Joe Bloom Piano Project is seeking a self-driven, motivated, and compassionate individual to maintain the direction and drive growth for the Joe Bloom Piano Project. The Project Director maintains oversight of the project, helping Joe to bring his ideas into the platform and to others through oversight and maintenance of the website, editing of lesson videos using final cut, and marketing. He or she manages and directs the pace of the project, setting goals and deadlines to continue growth of the site and expand the user-base. The ideal candidate is or was a music student or professional with a deep knowledge of learning and teaching classical music, but is also resourceful and knowledgeable about marketing and community fundraising. He/she is a flexible, creative learner, must work independently, and communicates well with different kinds of people, including donors and stakeholders to the project. The PD also works with Joe directly to teach him newly established systems or processes that help to drive the project forward.

About the project:

Joe Bloom is an internationally acclaimed pianist who embodies a unique understanding of the deepest traditions of Western Classical Music, and teaches piano in an individualized form that gets results with every kind of student and any technical issue. The Joe Bloom Piano Project aims to preserve Joe’s ideas, teaching, and legacy by building and monetizing a self-sustaining, growing community of musicians and teachers. It is a personal endeavor, started by a student of Joe’s with the goals of sharing Joe’s teachings and establishing an additional financial basis.


Manage Website and Video Collection:
Work with Web developer to ensure everything is working, and change/ manage content as necessary, including:

  • Editing weekly blog posts and tagging
  • Add new content including compositions, piano notes, writings
  • Edit past recorded lessons for website using final cut pro
  • Marketing and Publicity
  • Rotate featured videos

Marketing and Publicity:

  • Advertise project to increase traffic, donations, and students
  • Social media upkeep on facebook
  • MailChimp Newletter
  • Track and maintain contacts in MailChimp
  • Drive donations on site and through crowd-funding platform

Other tasks:

  • Organize material for latest book on piano practicing, choosing parts to add to site or publish

Skills and Experience needed:

  • Deep classical music experience and knowledge
  • Piano experience
  • Project Management/ Independent work in managing and growing a project from start to finish
  • Digital marketing experience
  • Social Media – facebook and youtube
  • MailChimp knowledge a plus
  • WordPress
  • FinalCut Pro knowledge or video editing experience required or willingness to learn
  • Fluent in Microsoft Office and Google Suite
  • Flexible, patient, self-driven, goal-oriented, organized

Part time, contract basis, paid hourly based on experience

Please email the current Project Director with your interest and resume.