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The mental “landscape” in the student’s mind

February 24, 2017

originally posed on facebook on 2/2/16

Thoughts re Piano Teaching preparatory to starting a blog

1. The “Mental Landscape” of the student

Every fact, every idea, that the teacher presents to the student is put into the unique mental landscape of that student at that day and time of his life. This new information must be assimilated into the student’s mind, I.E. into all the facts, connections, ideas, feelings, that are already in the student’s mind, what we can call her mental landscape. Given two different ways of presenting the same material, it is quite likely that one will fit in more easily to that landscape and find a nest prepared, while the other may not find as comfortable or receptive a context, a place, in the mind, into which to fit the new piece of information. We want it to be in a ‘part’ of the mind, which, like a catalyst is already primed to combine with the new idea, so that it can then be digested as a coherent part of the total mental landscape. The goal is that this digestion is so complete that the new information becomes old information that relates everywhere in her mind to previously assimilated content. It is the connections between these ‘parts’ that is important; more important than the unique identity of any one part.



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