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List of today’s 15 “encore” postings

May 9, 2017

List of today’s “encore” postings (edited and condensed from their original versions)

{1}   Music, The Art of Time.  The Manipulation of the Conscious Perception of Time

{2}   Magic with Time and Awareness at the Piano

{3}   Sometimes We Think We Are Listening But We Are Actually Feeling a Physical Sensation

{4}   Hearing The Middles Of The Sounds

{5}   There is a Benefit As Well To Remaining Aware of a Physical Motion From Instant to

Instant Through Time.

{6}   The Effectiveness of The Imagination In Executing Motions

{7}   Points of Articulation in the Body Can Be Real or Imaginary

{8}   The Body “Springs” To Action:

{9}   Energy: the Universal Cure

{10} My “Least” Favorite Brahms Symphony – I.E. up to now

{11} The “Mental Landscape” of the student

{12} The “Protean” Hand.

{13} The Full Ambit Of A Motion

{14} “Sonic Glue”

{15} Translation of Spatial Axes


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