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March 1, 2017

Originally posted on Facebook on 2/4/16

Sometimes, when we have technical difficulty doing a particular series of notes in the horizontal plane of the keyboard, we can remove some of the difficulty by changing this horizontal axis into a vertical axis that goes up and down from the keyboard rather than side to side.

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Sonic “Glue” : a path for the ear to follow through a passage that unifies the passage

February 28, 2017

Originally posted on Facebook in 2/16.

Sonic Glue.

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The Delayed Gratification of a Chord

February 25, 2017

Originally published on Facebook: 2/2/16

A student came today with a Liszt transcription of a Schubert Lieder. She said that dividing up the notes between the hands was short-circuiting her brain. I said, of course it is having that effect on you. There is an absence of consistency as to which hand is doing what and when. The piece is for a voice (in single notes) and a piano (with a left hand and  right hand). One plus two is three.  It would be easier to play if you had three hands. As it is though, the division of labor between the hands is more complicated, as well as more changeable from one moment or one measure to the next.

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The fullest ambit of motion

February 25, 2017

Originally posted on Facebook on 2/2/16

In order to increase the efficiency of the movement of any body part; for a body part to be free to move in one particular plane of motion; it should be free to move in all possible planes.

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The Shape of the Hand As A Whole. As a three dimensional form.

February 24, 2017

Originally Published on Facebook, on 2/2/16

What then is the ‘object’ we take in our hand when I play one note, several notes: the object that plays the same role as the glass did in the blog entry on the “Protean Hand” (also originally posted on Facebook, on 2/2/16).

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