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Using the ear to full advantage

September 16, 2021

Grieg: Holberg Suite: IV: “Air” (lyrical movement)


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The timbre-space of every note we play

September 15, 2021

Brahms: Rhapsody in B Minor, Op 79 / 1.  The increasingly dense and  complex section ending the first section of the piece and leading up to the change to key to B Major.

How quickly can I find an isolated niche of consciousness for each sound, even when these sounds succeed each other so rapidly, almost erasing each other?

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The world is flat and beware of sea monsters at the edges

September 13, 2021

practicing notes on 9/9/21

What is the most natural thing to do with the hands if they are in contact with the keyboard. It would be the same as if they were relaxing on a table top or desk top. The hands would lie roughly flat on the horizontal surface.  The hands have not yet thought about moving leftwards or rightwards along the surface.  They remain in a relaxed stasis. The hands are simply ‘covering’ the surface. The fingers have not yet discovered that the keys go up and down; they are content without articulating the keys in any way.

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A series of recent lessons with the same beginner.

September 8, 2021

Working with a beginner on coordination between the hands and some other things.

B.M.’ s lesson.

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Beginners: Perception of the note on the music score

September 5, 2021

Different Perceptions of the same physical fact.

A student at a particular lesson fails to recognize a3 as the identify of the  note on the top line of bass clef. However, I know he knows both where that is on the keyboard and what it looks like in bass clef.

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