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Flow, Versus a Sequence of Separate Notes

August 23, 2019

H.P’s lesson on 8/13/19 Menuet from Ravel: Tombeau de Couperin

Joe: “Our recent work has focused on flow versus the pointillism of notes.  As we go on today, let’s use two very restricted definitions of these two terms, ‘Notes’ will simply mean knowing what notes to play at the next moment and ‘flow’ will simply mean getting to those notes from the preceding notes without even the most minimal of hesitation.

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Ornaments, and the Seeming Length of Quarter Notes

August 21, 2019

A.B.’s lesson on 8/8/19 Prelude in Eb Minor, Book I.


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A Cluster of Thoughts

August 7, 2019


Getting lost in a large group of notes beamed together

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How to Physically Relax: Chopin Edition

August 5, 2019

S.B.’s lesson on 8/3/19

-Nocturne, Op 48 / 1, in C Minor

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A Chopin Nocturne; the Boundary Between Heard and Imagined Sound

July 31, 2019

S.B.’s lesson on 7/11/19: Chopin: Nocturne in C Minor, Op. 48 / 1.

#1. Beginning

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