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The Fusion of the Hands

July 12, 2019

A.B. playing Albeniz: Orientale


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The Principle of Nested Parentheses

July 9, 2019

In simplifying algebraic expressions, one starts with the innermost pair(s) of parentheses, simplifies and reduces it, then works gradually outwards to the outermost parentheses, i.e. the full expression.

Today, I want to advocate the opposite process for piano practicing, one that begins, figuratively speaking, with the outermost parentheses and works inwards until all the details are presented.

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When Practicing is Emotionally Painful

June 27, 2019

S.B.’s lesson on 6/25/19

S.B. is sensitive to good music, his soul clearly derives sustenance from it.  Part of him loves being at the piano.  The fly in the ointment is his sight reading.

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An Unbroken Persistence or Continuity of Sound

June 25, 2019

J.M’s lesson around Friday June 14, 2019 on the Beethoven “Andante Favori”

#1. The beginning of the piece.

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Two or More notes by the Application of a Single Motion Through Time

June 23, 2019


In today’s earlier blog post (6/23/19), about Albeniz’s Orientale, reference is made (see footnote three, ***) to a forthcoming blog: two or more notes from one single continuous gesture through time.  This is it. The specific gesture referred to is one I refer to under the nickname of “heel-toe” (a borrowing from organ foot technique).

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