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General technique for keeping an even touch when the hands are skipping from place to place on the keyboard.

September 2, 2020

This falls under the heading of obtaining two or more notes from one continuous gesture through time.


The gesture this time is based on the toy called a paddleball, which consists of a ping-pong like paddle, connected by an elastic tether with an elastic ball.  The idea of the game is to keep the ball in motion, in our case vertically, up and down, by hitting the ball in rhythmic intervals with an upward motion of the paddle.  To do this the paddle is turned upside down and the palms are facing upwards as well.  


In our case we simulate this activity by turning the palms upwards and feeling like the sequence of notes we play is the just the same ball coming back on the paddle only to be sent UP in the air again.  There is a 180-degree reversal of the normal posture while playing.  For some reason acting against rather than with gravity creates a more controlled and actually freer motion.


Additionally, the arms, as a whole, if you want, can gradually get higher and higher.


During this, the elbows may get heavy, logy, and sticky.  To remedy this let the elbow, as well as the palms facing upwards, act as the ping pong paddle, Neither alone.  And although the elbow is a discretely separated part of the arm mechanism from the palm there is no reason that in our internal sensations they cannot, by skipping the presence of the forearm in our awareness, be considered part of the union of two objects into just one object, that overall in its union is somehow shaped, or at least feels like, paddle.



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