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Being in the groove

March 31, 2018

“Dear Matt, thank you for sending me the New York Times article written by Ben Zucker about the violinist Saul Lipshutz (a.k.a. Saul Chandler)”

Last night I was writing a blog about what it feels like to me to be “in the groove” while playing.  I described it as being by the banks of a river and watching the water flow by, I.E. I observe the notes flowing by, sometimes slower sometimes faster, but I am myself standing still, just observing and not making any particular effort to create the sounds.  Late in the Times article, Chandler is quoted as saying,  “Nobody wrote music… They heard something. Except Mozart. He wrote the same thing over and over.”

I believe both of those things.  It put me back to being a teen and thinking that Mahler (whom I loved) wrote the same symphony nine times, but did so only to remain constant and loyal throughout his life to that unchanging truth which he always reached out towards. For in a world where time brings about constant change, the only way to remain faithful to something is to take into account the changing perspective of time.  Whatever the “local” distortion of time is, we have to take it honestly into account, but still see through it to the unchanging truth.


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