Ear Training Code

Free C Code.

I’m doing something unusual.

I am releasing the C code for a series of music related software programs that I developed in the 1990s, in “C”.  This includes an ear training method (far out in front of any other available programs, a note reading program (in single clefs and combinations of clefs, MIDI or  console response and other controllable parameters), an “inverse” to the ear training method (or as I fondly call it, the anti-ear-training  method), music theory programs, 100 interactive Aleatoric Composing Algorithms (commissioned by VM Labs, CA), a sight singing program, a chord recognition notation program (under development), Microtonal Composing Algorithms, and some non-music programs: including a vocabulary building program for SAT exams and some enjoyable abstract graphic routines that mutate through time.

These programs are distinguished by creatively designed algorithms to allow for clarity, speed of learning, as well as joy and satisfaction in learning.  The ear training method alone contains over 600 topics from abstract pitch relations (“sonic geometry”) to four part dictation.   Each topic contains 40-60 graduated levels.  All things are covered from every point of view. Each ear training ability is put through a prism to first resolve the difficulty involved into into separate and simpler, component abilities.

These were all marketed successfully the 1990s.  I am in my seventies and no longer have the ability to either update or market them.

“Both students and teachers loved it! Both easy to learn and fun to operate…The program is a wonderful teaching aid…  What a tool!” (Piano Guild Notes, March-April 1991).

“The most comprehensive ear training software I have ever seen” (The Instrumentalist, September 1992).

These programs have intrinsic value that merit their preservation. That is why I am releasing the code to any software company or programmer interested in releasing and promoting it.

I had two near misses in particular with the ear training program. A company had decided to invest a million dollars in it, but it “restructured” the day that we were set to sign the contracts. A second person wanted to invest several hundred thousand dollars in the project, but a restaurant that he co-owned was doing badly and he had to withdraw from the project.

After this I gave up and marketed it myself. If you recognize the value in what appears in general on this web site, please trust the software products are also of the same quality.  They are innovative, based on 55 years of teaching and gradually learning how people learn.

My code writing is clear and comprehensible.

I am happy to send you an executable versions of the programs so that you can check them out.

Any and all who are interested, may contact me at JoeBloomPianist@Gmail.com