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May 9, 2017


We have just spoken about the magic of music existing in the durations between when one note starts and the next note starts (see 3).  That our physical sensations of the action of muscles leads us to concentrate more on the beginning of the sounds.

There is a simple procedure for re-directing our attention away from the beginning of the sounds and towards their “middles”.

Play one note and let it resonate for a while without feeling a physical intention of getting ready to play a second note.  About a second into the course of the sound, tell yourself “now is the time for me to listen to the note”.  If the note started loudly enough, then you can wait another second or so, and then start listening to the note again.

In a way similar to threading a number of beads together by putting a string through holes drilled through their middles, we can train ourselves to experience the shape of the necklace

of a series of sounds, by remaining aware of the string threading the middle of one sound to the middle of the next.

Ultimately one can follow the flow of the sound from instant to instant (see 2), giving life to each moment of the sound as it evolves.  This is much rekindling a flame by periodically blowing on it to add oxygen and re-illumine its brightness.


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